Is Your Man a Misogynist?

It’s no fun dating or living with a misogynist. If you want to lead a healthy and enjoyable life, it’s imperative that you take a long hard look at your relationship. Here are 6 signs that the man in your life is misogynist.

Man thinking about the lies he has told

Five Steps to Stop Lying

Do you have a problem with telling the truth? Are you ready to change your lying habits to create a new you? Here are five steps to start you on a journey to a new, honest you.

5 Different Types of Liars

Lying can be devastating. Not only does it hurt the one who is being lied to, but it also hurts the one lying. Interestingly, there are a number of different types of liars. Here are 5 of them.

How to Stop Habitual Lying

If you are a habitual liar and have decided that it is time to stop there are ways to stop lying. The following tips will help you take back your life.

What Psychologists Tell Us About Lying

According to renowned British Psychologist Prof. Richard Wiseman, everyone is born naturally with the ability to lie and every organism knows how to lie. Findings of Wiseman’s research showed that 40% of three-year old who have just learnt to speak lie. Therefore, lying is a very interesting topic in psychology.

Do You Have a Narcissist in Your Life?

Do you know a person who almost always thinks only of themselves, can twist any situation into one where they are the victim, dominates most, if not all, conversations, and generally blames their problems on others? If the answer is yes, chances are that you have a narcissistic in your life.

To Lie or Not to Lie, That is the Question

To be a good liar it takes skill and for the people who have mastered this skill they can easily do it with no remorse and very convincingly. The question for them is simply “to lie or not to lie”.

The Sociopathic Liar – Beware of this Dangerous Sociopath

Most people have lied in their life. Whether it was to protect feelings, avoid trouble, impress, or to simply get what they want, not many people can say they have never told a lie. However, there is one extreme type of liar that you should beware of; the sociopathic liar.

Why people Lie: To Avoid Punishment

Some people lie to keep themselves out of what they perceive as “trouble”. Next time you experience someone telling a lie, think about why they are doing it – is it simply to avoid punishment?

Lying and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Compulsive lying may be part of an obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). While some people engage in compulsive actions such as repeated hand-washing, in some cases, the compulsion is to lie.

Is Your Husband A Compulsive Liar?

Compulsive liars cannot help lying ‘even to their loved ones’ and if you have a husband with this condition and he does not want to seek help, then you are at a crossroads.